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The Municipality of Komen extends on 103 square kilometers in the Karst region of Slovenia from its border with Italy and the Municipality of Duino-Aurisina up to the Branica Valley on the North limits of the region which then falls into the Vipava Valley. The Municipality is situated among the municipalities of Miren-Kostanjevica, Nova Gorica, Ajdovščina and Vipava on the Slovenian side, as well as Doberdò del Lago on the Italian side. On the Southern part it touches the Slovene municipality of Sežana and the Italian one of Sgonico.

In July 2010 there were 3556 inhabitants in the 20 local communities with 35 villages.

The administrative center and the seat of the municipality is the village of Komen, where can be also found the Komen village office, the post office, the health center, the farmacy, as well as the local office of Banka Koper and Deželna Banka.

Also in Komen, there are the Primary School Anton Šibelja Stjenka with its branch in Štanjel and the kindergarten of Sežana with the units in Komen as well as Štanjel.

The cultural center of Komen is located in the town square and was built in 1947, when the local exiles returned to their homes, burnt during World War II and felt they need to share the common cultural life.

The majority of the people work in the cities nearby, such as Nova Gorica, Sežana and Ajdovščina, but a part of them is also employed by the local companies Alukomen Holding d.d., Alukomen d.d. and Iskra Avtoelektrika Livarna or work in some smaller private businesses.

The image of the Karst is changing. In recent years the locals have been cultivating numerous vineyards of refosco, producing the vintage Karst wine – Terrano. The Komen Karst has been known for the traditional terrano and prosciutto ever since, however, it is also praised for its unspoiled nature full of bycicle trails, footpaths, and the very interesting and mysterious caves still to be explored.

The military cemeteries from the Great War, found in the villages of Gorjansko, Brje, Komen, and Sveto, serve as reminiscence that the rear of the famous Battles of the Isonzo, which left its own mark on the local people, was right in this part of the region. But if they say the Municipality of Komen is located in the draft between the East and the West, this is not true for its inhabitants, which have been always true to their root. They are increasingly returning to the traditional customs and remind us of their rich spiritual as well as cultural heritage. Hence the very popular craft of stonemasonry, the responsability for the Karst architecture, and the pupular songs and dances in which is successfully engaged the Cultural Association Karel Štrekelj from Komen. The Štrekelj Award is also one of the most important aknowledgement in the area of linguistics, given for the achievements in recording the local and popular culture.